What is ADCA

ADCA is the Athletic Directors and Coaches Association of Hawaii.

The Association was organized in the ’70s by the founding fathers, some of whom are Larry Ginoza, Butch Hironaka, Yasu Takara, Hugh Yoshida and Ted Fukushima.  ADCA evolved as a result of the growth of the organization, that later included membership.

Their main purpose of the organization was to help high school athletics in the State of Hawaii, both private and public.  Some of the initiatives that we are fortunate to have today is the result of the efforts of the people in ADCA.   For example:  Coaches pay raises (did you realize that coaches did not get pay raises until it was brought to the attention of the legislators), equipment and supplies money for athletics (prior to the initiatives, athletics was funded by gate receipts), transportation money for team travel, trainers in all public schools-we are the only state in the USA to have trainers in all public schools (private school trainers helped ADCA get trainers in the public schools), and more.

As you can see, ADCA works for the benefit of the students across the State of Hawaii.  Like a ripple effect when something is dropped in a bucket of water, the initial wave travels to the outer edges of the bucket.  When athletic trainers came to the public schools, the state tournaments and care for all of our students benefited.

ADCA continues to expand its efforts to help athletics in the State of Hawaii, by sponsoring clinics for our coaches, parents, officials, and students.  Support is also given to assist our athletic directors in the state with programs. Other initiatives continue to be addressed.

Recent sports clinics sponsored by ADCA include judo (coaches, players and officials), girls softball (coaches and players), wrestling (coaches, athletic directors, athletic trainers and officials) and football (coaches and officials).

Additional support has been given to the PIAA Combine, LTI Instructors Certification and Recruiting Education Seminars.

ADCA served as the lead organization for the implementation of NOCAD insurance coverage for high school coaches.

Membership in ADCA benefits all the students in Hawaii.

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